Thank you for your interest in West at Home. Answers to the most common questions about West at Home are listed below. If your questions are not answered in the FAQs listed below, visit our Support Console to learn even more about the West at Home program.

Q: What will I be doing as a West At Home employee?
A: Depending on the project, you may be obtaining, entering and verifying customer information, answering questions, resolving issues, explaining sales features or offering additional products or services, all while providing exceptional customer service.

For additional details please visit the A Day in the Life page!

Q: Does West At Home offer benefits?
A: Some of the many benefits of being a West At Home employee are:

This opportunity does not offer insurance or vacation related benefits.

Q: What can you tell me about pay?
A: West At Home offers schedules based on either per minute rate, per call OR guaranteed hourly rate. If total earnings (whether via per minute, per call or guaranteed hourly rate) are less than minimum wage, employee compensation will be trued up to meet their local minimum wage requirements (our employees will always earn the greater of the two pay scales). West At Home employees are paid on a biweekly basis and Direct Deposit and/or Pay Card options are available immediately!

Q: Will I be paid for training?
A: Yes, you will be paid an hourly wage for training! Training is conducted online from the comfort of your own home!

Q: Will I ever be required to go to a West location during my employment at home?
A: No, this West At Home opportunity exists from the privacy and comfort of your home!

Q: What can I expect during the application process?
A: Our online application process is user friendly and only takes approximately 35 minutes to complete! First you will complete an application followed by a skills assessment. Upon successful completion of this step, you will complete an automated interview – right from your home! You will receive communication via email after your automated interview so be sure to check your email often. If you have been selected for a position with West At Home, you will receive an automated offer acceptance letter that you must sign, followed by online employment paperwork. We also conduct a criminal history check on all of our employees. Please be advised that due to a tremendous response, there may be a delay between time of phone interview and when you hear from West at Home. We appreciate your patience.

Q: How will I receive communication from West At Home?
A: Email is our primary source of communication to our applicants and employees, so please be sure to reference your email often.

Q: How do I check on the status of my application?
A: We are extremely excited to announce the release of a new self help web page that will allow you to check the current status of your application. Simply visit West at Home Employment Application Process Site and click I'm Returning. Please enter your Email Address and last name to login. Then, click on the 'View Application Status' link to get the latest information on where you stand.

Q: What type of PC equipment is required in order for me to pursue the West At Home program?
A: Computer Hardware:

NOTE: DSL or Cable internet connection is required. Wireless networks, such as WiFi connections and cordless laptop connections are not supported for troubleshooting by the West At Home Helpdesk. If you have a technical issue while using a wireless connection we will be unable to troubleshoot your issue as the root cause could be the wireless network connection.

Q: What is the West At Home Helpdesk Assistant?
A: The West At Home Helpdesk Assistant is a free diagnostic tool offered by West Corporation that will check your PC to see if it is ready for a successful experience as a West At Home Agent by verifying the PC requirements are met. Helpful links are also included to provide you with access locations for downloading required free software.

NOTE: This tool will ask for a valid West At Home UserID and Password, so you must have completed the application process to use this tool.

Q: How do I create an effective home office?
A: Below are suggestions to help make your work environment effective, comfortable and safe.

Q: Does West At Home have employees in every state?
A: This opportunity is available in many areas throughout the United States. You may check your eligibility by going through our online application process.

Q: Can I work for West both in a call center and as a home agent?
A: West employees cannot pursue the West At Home opportunity simultaneously (and vice versa); you must choose only one.

Q: I'm a former Independent Contractor/West Employee; how do I check my eligibility?
A: You may check your eligibility by completing an online application with West At Home.

Q: How do I find out more about West At Home?
A: Visit our Support Console and learn even more about this great opportunity!